Concrete work

The present-day construction can’t be imagined without concrete, and the range of the concrete works is much wider, than it use to think. Concrete is not only the filling of the base, but also the building of   walls, the arrangement of floors and overlappings, constructing of pools, paths and any platforms.

Concrete is composed of quickly hardening mix of cement and water with various aggregates. You would be surprised, having discovered how many types, classifications and characteristics of concrete exist – on structure, on volume weight, by the form fillers, under the terms of curing, on indicators of durability and compression.

Of course, the leading place in the list of the concrete applying is still taken by a substructure formation. It makes the concrete work extremely important and, perhaps, the main stage of a construction. The durability of the building depends on quality of the basement. Soil pressure, structure weight, seismic activity – everything shall be taken into account, otherwise your house will be quickly ruined.

Concrete is applied also in the building of reinforced cement constructions, in creation of the gypsum concrete blocks, in the landscape designing

Recently in Israel there is more and more attention given to interior qualities of concrete, especially, in case of the polished concrete flooring. The polished concrete is beautiful, strong and ecologically friendly covering. Its operational characteristics are almost unique.

The modern construction uses a set of methods of concreting, and specialists have to be engaged to determinate the most suitable method for each object. The Emma Dekor LTD company carries out many years of concrete works in Eilat and the south of Israel. The company experience contains many concrete using projects in industrial and residential sectors. Successfully we use perspective technologies, in particular, monolithic concreting, combining them with a working know-how and the adequate prices. Unique skills and individual approach of specialists of the Emma Dekor LTD company will make your foundation really strong, overlapping reliable, and an interior unforgettable.